RIOD Marine Supply and Services was registered with the Department of Trade and Industry committed to deliver high quality tools and equipment supply for Maritime Industry and unsurpassed quality services on all activities involving underwater works

As a new name in the industry, RIOD Marine has commercial diving team with abundant experience on underwater inspection, repair, cleaning and construction for ships, ports and various onshore/offshore structure.

Some of the major work experience that makes the RIOD Marine Team excel are as follows;

  • Oil Refinery (Shell Philippines @ Batangas and Petron Refinery @ Bataan) inspection/maintenance/repair for marine structures to include its Pier and its piles, Buoys and its chain system, Cargo Pipeline and its appurtenances, Cooling water system and the Cathodic Protection System. Same scope were done on Oil Depots of major oil companies all over the Philippines as part of their maintenance as well as safety program.
  • Government and Private Pier inspection/maintenance/repair.
  • Power Plant inspection/maintenance/repair with the same marine structure including its Intake and Discharge Pipeline System.
  • Dredging by Diver operated equipment and heavy dredger equipment.
  • For foreign and local vessel; underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking authorized by different international classification society. Hull cleaning, propeller polishing and dry docking works.

The technical capability, sufficient safety knowledge to work for hazardous workplace and the cost flexibility make an advantage for the RIOD Marine team.