RIOD Marine Supply and Services is 100% Filipino-owned Company established to deliver quality supply and services to Philippine Maritime industry.

The founder, who serves the maritime industry as underwater professional for ship husbandry and inshore/offshore maintenance built the company to contribute on the growing demand of  local underwater services provider and to generate jobs for Filipino divers all over the country.

The main office was set-up in the pearl city of Cebu to position in the middle of national operation. Satellite offices and equipment were put-up in Manila for fast deployment to Luzon diving requirement and at Davao for the Mindanao.

Underwater survey, underwater repair, underwater cleaning and underwater construction are the specialty of the RIOD Marine team.

Through experience, the founder observed that the client wishes for a one-stop shop during the procurement process. For this reason, the “supply” was incorporated to the underwater services.

RIOD Marine is the same as the service provider or construction company we usually see all around constructing or repairing a building or steel structures.

The only difference is the special skills to perform every work underwater or inshore / offshore.

Company’s requiring our services are Ships, Powerplant, Refineries, Oil depots, Mining, Ports, Bulk terminal and all company operating with partially submerged structures. We can also serve for search, rescue, engineering study and trainings.

The technical capability, sufficient safety knowledge to work for hazardous workplace and the cost flexibility make an advantage for the RIOD Marine team that is represented by the gear on the logo, the wave and the color of subsea.