Diesel Driven LP Compressor

SEADRA OCEAN Diesel Driven LP Compressor

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SEADRA OCEAN Diesel Driven LP Compressor

This compressor is great for jobs where a 5120 would not be economical. The compressor package is designed to meet or exceed all existing government and industry regulating standards and has been built by personnel that know the industry and conditions to which the equipment is subjected. We have combined the workhorse Quincy 390 Air Compressor with the Model D1703M Kubota diesel engine to make a unit that is affordable, easy to maintain, compact, light weight and fuel efficient. This compressor package maintains 200 PSI @ 66.5 cu/ft of free air. The skid measures 3.5′ x 7′ long, is built with 3″ tubular steel and includes forklift slots and dual lifting eyes. These skids are engineer certified.


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